To support and connect Arabic language teachers and schools worldwide, we encourage you to add your resources to Sharek. Let’s make this place the centre for Arabic resources. No need to go anywhere else.

The process is easy:

The Process

To register as an author, please fill in the form with the information required. Upon receipt of the application, we will email you back.

The process is easy:

Apply to be a Resource Author

Fill in the form: ‘Registration’ below 

قدّم طلبا لتكون مؤلفا

املأ استمارة التسجيل ‘Registration’ أدناه.

Create your Profile & Shop

Choose your username, a profile picture and a shop name.

  قُم بإنشاء ملف المؤلف الشخصي والمتجر

اختر اسم المستخدم وصورة الملف الشخصي واسم المتجر

Upload your Resources

Click ‘Author Dashboard’ in the main menu followed by ‘Resource –> Add New ‘.

قم بتحميل الموارد الخاصة بك

انقر فوق “لوحة التحكم” في القائمة الرئيسية متبوعة بـ ‘Resource –> Add New’

How It Works

You can share your teaching resources for free or sell your resources for money. You’ll get notified when someone downloads your resources in your Author Dashboard.


1- Register & Upload your resources

2- User downloads your resources

3- Receive royalties




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