Main Menu:

This menu is only visible to the members who are logged in.

1- All information about your account. Click here to go to your account/profile. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to log in first. 

2- Author Dashboard: Click here to go to the dashboard where you will find all the options to manage your resources (add resource, sales, commission, downloads etc)

3- If you would like to add your listing as an Arabic language tutor, then click here and you will see a registration form to become an Author.

4- You can log out here.

5- These are all the categories of the resources uploaded to the site.

6- Click here to view all the listings of the tutors.

Adding a Resource:

To add a resource, click on Author Dashboard and you will see all the options and control for your resources.

1- Hover your mouse over Resources and a menu item will show ‘Add New’.


1- Tick the box for ‘Downloadable’. It is important that you do this to have other options appear at a later stage of the process.

2- Set your price for the resource. If you wish, set also the discounted price for the resource.

3- Add a brief description about the resource. This description will be displayed under the resource advert.

4- Add a long description of the resource (objectives, who the resource is for etc)

5 and 6: You can upload a photo related to the resource. It should be a preview image to give the customers an idea about what the resource looks like.

7- Choose a category for your resource. If you think the resource does not fit in any of the categories, choose Uncategorised.

8- Tags. Tags are keywords that are related to the resource. If my resource is a worksheet about the topic House, then it would be a good idea to include: House, Rooms, Description, Prepositions of place etc.

Adding More Info to the Resource:


1- At the bottom of the ‘Add New’ form, you will find extra information boxes about the resource you want to upload. Start by typing the name of the resource as you want it to appear displayed.

Then, you click on upload to attach the file you want.

2- You can duplicate the block (Name + File) if you want to upload more than one file.

3- You may want to make the file available to download 10 times, then when the download limit is reached no one will be able to download it. You may be better off leaving this blank.

If you set, for example, the Download Expiry date to June 30th 2021, when the date arrives, people will be unable to download the file anymore.

4- Click Submit to finish the process.

Adding Attributes:

If you want to add even further info, you can use the Attributes tab.

1- Click which exam board your resource is related to.

2- File Type: This where you choose what type your file is: pdf, Word, Image etc

3- You could create your own attributes but it is recommended to keep the information as clear and simple as possible.

Choosing the File Type:

1- Click on File Type then

2- Click Submit.

Linked Resources:

You may want to link your resources with other resources (yours or other authors’ resources).


Up-sells are resources that you recommend instead of the currently viewed resource. For example, you are offering a scheme of work for the old specifications but you are linking this resource to another more recent scheme of work for the new specifications.

Cross-sells are resources that you promote in the basket, based on the current resource.


Author’s Dashboard:


1- Media: This is where you upload your files (images, documents etc).

2- Resources/Add New: This is where you find all your uploaded resources and also where you can add new ones.

3- Orders. Find all your past orders here.

4- Payments: Find all the payments made upon purchase of your resources.

5- If anyone requested refunds, this is where you handle it.

6- Settings: Here you can give your store/shop a name, logo. banner etc

7- Reports: Here you will have all reports related to your resource sales:

8- Reviews: any reviews you receive here from customers who bought your resources will be available here.

9- Log out of your Author Dashboard.

Author’s Withdrawal Requests:

Authors will be able to check their pending withdrawal amount and claim them by clicking on the withdrawal button here: Author Dashboard >> Payments>> Withdrawal 


On clicking the “Withdrawal” button, the author will be redirected to Withdrawal request page shown below and select the purchases/downloads for which they want to claim the amount.


Once the “Request” button is clicked, admin gets notified about the claim and can approve the payment.

Withdrawal Transactions:

Vendors can check the transactions of their account from the following page here: Author Dashboard >> Payments. The details of the transactions like invoice Id, order Id, amount, charges, payment amount, mode of transaction can be viewed from this table here: